Paul Mitchell


The Grey County “Go Along to Get Along” approach

Posted on Oct 8, 2014

The Grey County “Go Along to Get Along” approach

Since 2003 the TBM tax contribution to Grey County has doubled. In 2014 the TBM will pay 13.5 million to county the largest contributor to Grey. We pay 26.34% of each dollar spent at County in spite of the fact that we represent only 6.57% of Grey’s population. Is there any wonder that we are known as the County Cash Cow?

If this does not keep the TBM taxpayer up at night wait till we all face the reality of contributing 30% of every Grey County expenditure. At the rate we are going there is no doubt in my mind that reality will come in the next councils mandate or sooner. We must have an adult conversation with the County to assure this reality does not come to pass.

For the past 13 years we have avoided this conversation opting to work within the County system. Well how has that worked out? We have had three different people at County Council in the past 13 years and even two years in the Warden’s chair has not worked to give the TBM a better deal. Each council since 2003 has been told Grey County can’t tell how many of our tax dollars come back to the TBM. How long will we accept this answer and continue to be the Cash Cow to Grey County?

Since 2000 the TBM contribution has doubled to 13million dollars. Not once in the last thirteen years has anyone asked County for a better financial deal.

Wake up TBM now is the time for fresh business leadership. Don’t vote for the same old bunch that GO ALONG TO GET ALONG AT COUNTY.